Online divorce in Indiana

Each year the number of divorces increases. Many factors influence the deterioration of the relationship between spouses, but this does not mean that a couple must live in an unhappy marriage. If the decision to end the relationship is made, the spouses are looking for different options, and online divorce is one of them. Online divorce in Indiana is the most common way to terminate a marriage union. It gained such popularity because it gives an opportunity to easily and quickly get a divorce. Besides, online divorce has many advantages and does not require the services of a lawyer.

What is an online divorce

Online divorce is an absolutely legal way to dissolve a marriage in Indiana and using this method, spouses fill out all the documents that the court needs on the Internet on particular services. In other words, it is a platform that helps the spouses to prepare all the necessary package for divorce. However, the services of a lawyer are not required at all. When entering the chosen platform, the spouses answer questions regarding their marriage, and the system takes them step-by-step through all aspects of the upcoming divorce to select and fill out all the necessary forms. At the same time, all that the spouses require is to answer questions; they don’t have to understand the nuances or provisions of the law. Also, the cost of online divorce is significantly lower in comparison with the service of a lawyer. The price varies depending on the chosen forms preparation system but usually does not exceed $300.

Who is eligible for divorce online

Despite its popularity, online divorce is not available to everyone. It can be obtained in case if the dissolution of the marriage is uncontested. No matter what happened between husband and wife and what led to the intention to end the marriage, spouses should not blame each other for anything if they want their divorce to be amicable. Also, the couple should not have disagreements and disputes regarding such important issues as the separation of custody of common minor children, the amount of financial support for common underage children, the division of property, alimony, and grounds for divorce. Therefore, before proceeding to online divorce, spouses are encouraged to discuss all the nuances of their divorce and find a compromise.

How to get a divorce online in Indiana

The first thing to do is to choose a platform that will fill out all the necessary papers. There are many such companies on the market, but not all of them provide quality services. Carefully read what options the company you have chosen provides, and pay attention to the reviews and money back policy. Once you have decided on the platform, on the home page, you will be asked to answer general questions, such as you and your spouse’s primary information (name, phone address, etc.), place of residence, date of registration, and so on. After that, the system will offer to pay for services. Once payment is executed, a user profile will be automatically created where the main activity will take place. You will need to answer all the questions about your marriage. Depending on your answers, the system will generate the necessary forms. For example, if you answered that you do not have common minor children, you will not be asked to prepare a parenting plan and vice versa. After you answer all the questions and send them to the system, their processing will begin. The system will select and fill out all the necessary forms following the circumstances of your marriage. It usually takes two business days, after which the completed papers will appear in your profile.

What’s next

When you get ready-made forms, you need to print them and make copies. Forms, marriage certificate, and the settlement agreement must be filed with the court for the clerk to register a divorce case. However, in Indiana, there are specific rules for filing papers. It’s allowed to file a Petition for divorce if one of the spouses is an Indiana resident and lives in the state for at least six months prior to filing a claim. Once the case is registered, the clerk will set the date of the final hearing; usually, it is not less than 60 days after the submission of the claim.


Getting an online divorce is now very accessible; it does not require any specific skills or knowledge. Many couples have already gone through this and made sure that it works ok. Online divorce is an affordable method to get a quick and cheap divorce, without using the services of a lawyer. But you need to select the forms preparation system carefully, the quality of the completed papers will affect whether the court will accept the divorce case or not.

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