Divorce in Indiana | Mediation

For many people divorce is terrifying. This process can be difficult not only legally, but also mentally. Especially if a divorce is contested in which the spouses have disagreements that only the judge can decide. Long court sessions increase the cost of a marriage dissolution and the decision of the judge may not always satisfy the spouses. Therefore, uncontested divorces are becoming increasingly popular, in which spouses agree on all aspects of their termination before the beginning of court hearings or even before filing a lawsuit with a court. Such a divorce is quite peaceful, because the partners simply have nothing to divide as they already have a settlement agreement. They say that the uncontested divorce ends much faster than the contested while the cost is minimal, and this is true. But what to do if there is some disagreement between spouses and they still want to get a quick and easy divorce? The answer is very simple: use the services of mediators.


Mediation is a way to resolve conflicts peacefully. Mediators are third-party, neutrals, who are trained to help spouses deal with disagreements, the important point is that mediators are not divorce lawyers or family psychologists. Mediation is an informal process, the main goal is to help spouses to find a compromise in a controversial issue. In this case mediators consider any aspects of the divorce: division of property, child custody, alimony, etc. It is worth noting that unlike the judge, the mediator cannot force the spouses to carry out any decision, all agreements reached by the spouses on the sessions are the result of their own desires and intentions.


The whole process is structured in such a way that it is comfortable for the partners to make certain decisions. In addition, participation in mediation sessions is voluntary. Spouses come here only if they themselves want it. Although sometimes the court may oblige partners to turn to intermediaries if there are minor children in the family and the parents cannot agree on custody and visitation time


A very common question that spouses ask: what does mediation cost? In general, there is no definite answer, since the price largely depends on the county and the experience of the intermediary, as well as the hours spent on the deal, but in any case, the price is lower in compare with the services of lawyers. In addition, some Indiana courts have social programs for low-income families and those spouses who cannot afford private mediators. The price for such services is very small.


Another important advantage is that the mediation helps the spouses to make a decision that would satisfy their desires. After all the judge does not always make decisions that are suitable for both partners. In addition, spouses can make schedule for consultation sessions convenient for them.

It is allowed to apply for services to intermediaries at any time, even if the divorce is already in full swing or if it is contested. In such situation the judge will postpone the consideration of the case until the decision with the mediators will be made. Sometimes spouses have so many disagreements that the mediators cannot cope with this, so couple returns to the courtroom and the judge makes the final decision. But in more than 90% of cases, spouses reach a compromise through mediation. Due to this, the divorce ends very quickly, since there is no need to attend court sessions. The judge grants a divorce based on a settlement agreement reached with mediators.


Mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation. It gives the spouses the opportunity to make a balanced and deliberate decision that would satisfy both parties without pressure from outside. In addition, mediation is quite useful procedure. So if you want your divorce to be quick and simple keep in mind that intermediaries are ready to help you with this.

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